Monday, May 31, 2010

5/11/10 letter #2

hey it was good to talk to all of you this week. i really enjoyed getting caught up with all of you. i actually heard something about that new law. i think its a good idea. but i guess that im not as quacked out as most americans. hey i was thinking a little about that trip you guys are planning down here and i think that it will be just fine. im sure that we can find plenty to do for that long. this is a really relaxed country and its really easy to just find stuff to do. if we really run out of stuff we can always just go to vava'u or eua or haapai either way just dont worry about it. well figure it out later. love you elder mayberry

May 11, 2010

hey thats crazy that hannah is getting to start kindergarten. and
hailey is getting baptized... man i guess i am getting old. i have a
little bit of a cold going on, i had a fever last night but its
getting a lot better now. hey this is kinda random but i need an alarm
clock preferably a small one that runs off AA batteries.
tell jessica good luck at state i hope she does well. i heard a rumor
that ill be moving on monday im not sure where yet but im pretty sure
to another island. im kinda going to miss my town here but life goes
love you guys
elder mayberry

Monday, May 3, 2010

April 21

hahaha i forgot about my roger miller in north dakota thats funny. tell jessica thats what she gets for putting some mangy mutt in the car!!! what kind of a dog is it? when did she get a dog? how are the fish? do i still have a turtle or has he gone the way of all the earth? really random but have you happened to see my state champ ring in all the moving that you guys have done? well mammy i love you and dont get in to much trouble most of the time... love elder 'apele