Tuesday, June 30, 2009

looking for ideas

im still the DL i got a new comp and he is a handful. thats what i get for telling the president the work was slow here he gave me something else to take up my time. ;-) i bet you know how that goes. whats stevens email address ill email him? thats good to hear that kyle is still active and progressing. stevo administering anesthetics i could see that happening. oh and they changed the pday to thursday for some reason./ i ended up living with another white guy for a week while i waited for my comp to come up on the boat from tonga and it was pretty cool we got some really good work done and it was kinda fun to speak english for a while i actually lost my voice. i dont talk that much anymore but we talked alot for that week and my voice couldnt handle it. the only time i talk is in publlic i dont talk to my comps that much tongans version of conversation is not very entertaining most of the time and we have very little in common besides discussing scripture. but im doing great life is going by way fast and i can never seem to get a s much done as i want. any nifty ideas to find people besides knocking doors im open to suggestions we are running out of areas to tract. well dad love you lots elder mayberrry

Thursday, June 25, 2009


hey mommy they changed my pday to thursday just so you know, all is well here and the mission is still good im in the same area as last transfer mataika (fishface) my new comp is named elder tupou he has been out a little longer than me but he is kind of disobedient sometimes. i got cussed at by a bishop this week. he doesnt really like me very much and i told him we wouldn't teach his investigator anymore until we had parental permission and he actually called me some really bad names and told me that i was lazy and he wouldnt help the missionaries any more until i left.... so much for being nice to the members huh??? we have a severe lack of work right now coupled with an angry bishop and a lazy companion. but anyway im doing good other than that my distrist is pretty good compared to the rest of the missionaries on this island. its funny to think of jessica living on the farm the rest of you i could see it happening but jessica never struck me as miss mcdonald. well mom i love you and hope all is well have a wonderful week and i'll email you next thursday love elder mayberry

Monday, June 15, 2009

blessing the sacrament

no i simply said ma which is a pretty general term in tongan since they didnt have bread before the palangis came so it encompassed both bread and coconut. wow yeah i havent heard from patricia in a long time. feel free to give out my email to any cute girls you deem worthy. ;-) but all is going well here its transfer day and my comp left for haapai so ill be getting a new one wednesday ill be living with another palangi for the next few days. i will be mailing you the cds with all my pictures on it next week so it should be there in a month or two. typing is getting harder and harder the longer im out. all is well here though and im excited for a new comp its always fun playing the guessing game. i was talking with the zone leaders and come to find out we have had over 15 elders sent home since i got out on my mission. i didnt realize it was that high but i guess the devil can tempt missionaries just as easy as non-missionaries. i actually got a report/complaint called in about me last week the bishop pulled me aside yesterday at church to talk about the problem i guess he has had several complaints of the same sort. they are angry at me and say i have been spending to much time with nonmembers and not enough time sitting at members houses. i actually laughed at the bishop but he said that some of the members are actually pretty mad at me. life is funny huh. well i dont have much time here so ill close this up but i love you elder mayberry

okay mister, we have a big debate going on and you need to help us. > When you used coconut for sacrament did you say bless this coconut > rather than bless this bread? we really need this answered so don't > you dare ignore this email! :-) love you lots son! - mom >

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6/6/09 niua fo'ou

hey cutie i heard jessica flew the coop for a little while. hows life going for you now that your done with your schooling? any plans yet for the summer? how are TC and morgan handling summer break. all is well here im going to do a companion exchange today with another white guy this will be the third time i have ever been with a palangi for more than an hour or two. its kinda fun here in vava'u. i really hope i stay here for a long time the work is good the island is beautiful and the food is pretty delicious. htis computer store is right next to the bay and it has a gorgeous view. i think google earth has some good pictures of niua fo'ou you should check it out someone was telling me they are gorgeous. well i got ot go love you \elder mayberry

6/6/09 Dunkin

funny enough i thought about you guys > on your anniversary i was talking > to a member and i looked down at my watch and realized it > was your > anniversary wow 23 years congratulations and i hope there > are many many > more to come. > you already got a horse now your buying cows. watch out dad > i see > tractors in the future. ;-) > Grandma told me that there is a family shin dig going on > pretty soon > at willow creek are you guys planning on going? > i got 2 baptisms Saturday it was really cool the pipe was > broken to the > baptismal font so we went to a really pretty beach and did > it in the > ocean. i let my comp do the actually dunkin action he holds > alot more > importance to numbers than i do. but any way i love you and > hope all > goes well with your knee ill e praying for you. > elder mayberry >

Friday, June 5, 2009


hey pop good to hear from you life is > still going on here just at a > little different pace then your life... ;-) its still > pretty warm here > and this is suposed ot be winter right now but thats kinda > like winter > in phoenix not really anything to worry about. i have a > favor to ask > of you i would like you to call sister knoop in deming and > thank her > for the letters she has sent me. i cant really get mail out > of here or > i would write here a thank you card. > sounds like life is still interesting with the family hows > work going > are you still thinking about having surgery on your knee?? > what will > that do to you? > i got in a fight with one of my bishops this week he > literally cussed > me out for about thirty minutes i just listened and prayed > for > patience till he was done then had to swallow my pride and > appologize > for something i didnt even do. thats probably wouldnt have happened > before my mission. he said we were neglecting an > investigator he had > refered to us i had to explain that a young boy cant be > baptized > without parent permission and the kid doesnt really care > about the > church anyway he wants to get baptized so he can attend the > church > schools here... oh the fun;-) > but i appologized and calmed him down and got it back to > normal. but > let me tell you i was in a bit of a tizzy for a while i had > to go back > to the house and relax for a little bit. > i bet you feel like that at work sometimes. i think > heavenly father is > just giving me lots of opportunities to grow right now. > well dad love you > elder mayberry


masi'i teu paa'i ke ne mahaki. oku tapu 'aupito ke talanoa pehee mo 'eku tuofefine oku ne monu'ia oku ou mama'o aupito meiate ia he taimini. any way we are having a zone p-day in my area today i just came to town with a palangi to net then we are going back my comp and i dug pit this morning for the bar-b-que we are going to eat three whole dogs tongan style. all is well we are teaching a bunch of people 9 in total but they all have family members who are not pro mormon so things are going really slow we have been working with some of these people for almost a month now with little progress but he shoulder to the wheel right. i figure i'm just planting so someone else can have some fruit in the future. well i love you all elder Mayberry