Friday, July 30, 2010

Virgil's wife

hey mom i just wanted to drop you a quick line. i just wanted to say i love you and appreciate all the work you put in for your kids. life is going great here i cant complain. just trying to keep from getting trunky. some of the guys i came in with have pretty much already thrown in the towel. but i figure i made 22 months i can stick it out for 2 more so i can have a prettier wife when i get back... im pretty sure thats how that works anyway. anyway my comp is a really c\good guy and we get along really well we just have to be careful to keep it respectful since we have a lot of fun together. one of my girlfriends here said to tell you hi and that she cant wait to meet you guyz before we all go back to america. we plan on getting married after i get back. ;-) i figure i better get hitched fast before steven or jessica does. ;-) love you guys Elder Mayberry

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 21, 2010

so mom just another week in the other side of heaven. i moved houses
yesterday. same area just different residence. the mission has a nice
rental house right in the middle of our area and we were living in a
little dinky thing on the very edge of our turf. the mission didnt
remember that they were still leasing it since they have so many new
people in there now days but since i was the one who wrote the rental
agreements for all the rentals i remembered that we have six months
left on this house. we moved in and it is awesome. hot water fridge
stove washing machine. i get up early every morning and cook pancakes.
its really cool.
all our investigators ditched out on us so the kinda
stunk but life happens.....
turns out i realized parents just speak
a different language than kids do and no matter how hard you try it
just doesnt stick. we love you a lot though even if we dont listen.
dont take it personally. it happens on a smaller scale all the time on
a mission people not knowing that your giving them eternity in a
handout card... love you mom dont give up on us just yet.
for the trip here for sure we have to go to eua becasue that is the
only island i havent seen. i wanted to take you guys to hafeva but i
remember that you wouldnt appreciate a 6 hour boat ride on a stinky
dirty swaying ferry boat.... luckily tickets can be bought as late as
when you guys actually get here so dont worry about it to much. i have
the housing and all that planned out. as far as what to bring i have
some requests but ill get them to you later. just a few little gifts
for the people here. a lot of people have things planned for us i think
it would be nice to give a little back...
tell steven that i have had some pretty interesting stories here and
he'll have to try pretty hard to top them before i get released.. (non
mother appropriate stories, at least till i get home)
tell hailey and hannah i love them and still have the pictures they
sent me in the MTC. tell granny hi and i love her.
tell grandpa to stay out of trouble and that i could use a good
missionary haircut right now i havent been able to wrangle up any
clippers lately.
mommy i love you and think about you guys about once a week or so....
just kidding ;-)
turns out that even humble virgil can learn a few things if you beat
him over the head and shoulders for a full two years. thanks for
helping me get here. love you mom
love elder mayberry

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday

hey mom. first things first this transfer started the 28 of june 2010 and my comps name is Elder Valu Fonua from eua.... i had a good birthday, it strated out crumby becuase i had a bad cold going but about noon it cleared up. we had really good food all day and i ended up teaching like 4-5 lessons. i had mentioned it to my comp and a returned missionary sister in our ward and so after family home evening with the bishop they made me a cake and sang for me. it was really nice and made me all wram and fuzzy..... i was a little bit sad to come back to the main island but i knew i would have to come back before i finished at least this way i can have a little time to get to know this area before i go home. which hopefully will keep me from getting trunky... as bad.... i got my box the other day. thanks i really appreciate it my old shirts were a bit worn after that last island i was on. i got the letters yesterday and had a good time reading all the news since i left. luckily ill finish from here probably so we wont have to do the snail mail any more lucky for you guys because i dont seem to do so well writing snail mail... as for the vocab list at the kolidge aplikations dont worry me to much, blind dates.....i didnt know fruit could go blind but if tehy taste better that way sounds ok..
homecoming??? im already done with highschool mom i wont go to homecoming again..... i think a cute grill would be great to do some bbq on. i would kill for a burger... and i dont plan on getting in any fights when i get home so dont worry about it.... hahahaha
i would like to know what you guys want to do when you come down though. the choice is whether you want to go to the other islands or stay in tongatapu. the down side of traveling is that well have to buy plane tickets but ill leave it up to you. if you guys could think about it. either way is fine. love you guys. love Elder MAyberry

Monday, July 12, 2010

back on the main island

hey mom im back in town now... the president decided that he didnt want missionaries on that island anymore so i got sent back to the main island im working in a place called ma'ufanga i cover the entire downtown of nuku'alofa its a huge area with no members.... my comp is a guy naamed elder fonua from eua he is cool just kinda spastic and hyper but its fun we get along fine. i find i can get along with people a lot easier now that i have had to do it for so long.... nothing really exciting to report except we had trouble with the boats so im just getting here at the end of the 2 week of the transfer. we ae lots of coconuts on that island and i really loved the people there but ill go where you want me to go and all that spiritual stuff... ;-) oh yeah and we got a new mission president, hes no Mcmurray but he is a good guy and has somethings that he is really good at well see how itturns out. luckily even if he really stinks he only has one transfer meeting left to torture me with. you can stand on your head for 6 weeks and not think anything of it. one of my buddies i came in with is the AP and he told me that we have just over ten weeks left... and i turn 21 on monday cool huh. sounds like you guys are all keeping busy. hope you guys stay out of trouble long enough for me to get home andtake care of you all... ;-) or is it the other way around. well i love you all and hope life takes care of you. water is wet the church is true. Elder Mayberry