Thursday, July 23, 2009

email to Morgan

thanks dude you only email me when your completely bored huh? nice boo. im doing good here a lot better than you noone has been trying to cut my privates open. ;-) i do have some good stories for you. i let you be the first i email that im moving im leaving vava'u back to tonga im the new office elder ill be running all the material needs of the mission. bikes houses plane tickets boat tickets and all that fun stuff. i bought a new machete and i am getting really good at climbing cocnut trees now me and another missonary climbed up one and both of us sat in the top it was really tall and we drank coconuts up there and took some pictures. it was pretty sweet i must say. the other day i went out on a little boat and caught a pretty big shark i was so sad i dont have a camera. i promise i wont take any days off just because you told me not to. take it easy boo

Virgil is working in the mission office

hey cutie i just found out last night that ill be moving. turns out i have worked in all my areas 2 transfers. 2 in fahefa 2 in niua and 2 here in mataika. ill be headed back to tonga ill be the new ap office elder. im kinda like the ap except the aps do all the spiritual stuff and i take care of all the material needs of the mission its actually a pretty big job and it is pretty crazy hours from what i hear. but ill let you know how it goes its thursday today saturday i fly to tonga and monday is transfers. i move early so i can help get all the stuff ready, its going to be a lot different the place im in right now is kinda remote and not really lively but now ill be moving in next door to the mission pres and living in the church headquarters of tonga. lets just say it will be fun and interesting let alone different. this whole week i have been chasin baptismal records around the whole island of vava'u alot of times the records dont get filled out all the way so i have been hitchhiking all over the island looking for birthdays and parents names and stuff. today i have been doing a bunch of baptismal interviews for the zone leaders they have a family of 7 to baptize and i have been running around trying to make sure they all get interviewed before tomorrow. i feel bad for morgan poor little guy that cant be really fun. tell him when he is out picking up girls to stay away from the fat ones im pretty sure that is where the hernias are coming from. ;-) i had a meeting with all our ward members to fix all the problems we have been having it turned out rather badly and there were some hot words thrown around but after 2 hours of people being angry we worked things out and now everything is really good in that town our other town never really got fixed we just kinda left it alone and the president is moving the missionaries out of both towns. it was kind of a train wreck but we got one town patched up and everything is all happy go lucky now. thanks mainly to my comp.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cold Tongan Winter

hey mommy my birthday was really good and i feel pretty much the same as before my birthday except i always tell people the wrong age. i have not got grams package but there was one package that someone sent me in niua that got lost on the boat so if you ever figure out someone who sent me a package in February, tell them it disappeared but i havent got any packages yet. Even if they got to tonga its still kinda hard to get them here to vava'u. i kinda just avoid the bishop now days. i told him just to wait a week and ill leave and maybe the next missionaries will make him happy he just grunted at me and we havent spoken since. not the best way to end something but i was kinda out of options. i see the president once a transfer for our interviews and the aps even less often. my comp is ok as a guy just no good as a missionary so we havent been very productive. my arctic winter is so bad i started sleeping with sheets on my bed and i turn off the fan at night. tell thomas just to watch out for the girls they are even bigger distractions than nice cars for young teenage drivers. all the missionaries have been sick here lately so there has been a lot of down time and that leads to problems so it has been interesting lately. but all is well transfers are coming up fast so well have to see what happens i always like playing the guessing game. well mom i love you and hope all is well love elder mayberry


thanks for getting the camera and > stuff for me dont worry to much > about time turns out it takes a while to get stuff down > here. but my > birthday was pretty good i got some icecream and had a > little feast > they are roasting a pig for me right now so after im done > emailing so > that will be cool. the work is not very good this transfer > but i gues > that happens sometime i am really hoping for a transfer the > area that > im in is really cool for hanging out with people and > getting food but > not so great for finding people to teach who actually care > about the > gospel. > well pop ill let you get backto the farm but i love you and > hope all is well. > love elder mayberry >

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pig for my birthday

hey im doing great but there is really nothing cool to tell you that is positive for you all to read at home. i think im going to eat some pigs for my birthday but im not really sure. im burning your guys cd right now so ill try to get it sent out pretty soon.

Monday, July 6, 2009


hey pop everything is going well i > heard ricky won state and he is > going on a shcolarship to some school for wrestling. i > laugh everytime > i think about your old mcdonald experiences. i kinda wish i > were there > to help you build your new house i learned alot last time > and it > seemed to be a pretty good experience. my comp is > cool but he is > kinda lazy we do get along well though so this transfer > will be pretty > fun im hoping im kinda sick though i dont know what it > is but i feel > pretty crumby. oh well life goes on. well pop i love you > and hope all > is well