Saturday, January 9, 2010


hey cutie well transfer week is on us again i probably wont be able to email on saturday due to preparations but i wanted to tell you all that i am finally moving so you will have to start using a different color star as of monday. im moving out to the east end of the island im going to be a junior zone leader out there. but my comp is a really good guy he is a tongan by the name of 'Asaeli Piukala he came in at the same time as me and is a very hard worker and as i have never been a zone leader before it will be nice to have him there to show me the ropes. i dont know how much i will be emailing as i will be a long ways from town but my plan is to (dare i say it) write some letters on actual paper but well see how it goes. you should let me know when/if you get that package that i sent you guys. it should get there within a week or so hopefully. but hey i got to go but i wanted to say i love you guys and hope all is well. Love Elder Mayberry


malo e lelei famili
ko au fai eku kohi kohi pe kiate kimoutolu ahoni koe'uhi te u alu au
ki haapai apongipongi.
neu pehee e sai ange kapau teu kii kohi atu ahoni kae oua nae fuoloa
eta ta'esioki. na'e kii malo pe ema faka'osi ta'u anepoo ka 'oku sai
pe ia. 'ikai ke tau ki he kaufaifekau ke mau al holo 'o taki tamaiki
fefine. 'oku kii tapu ia. ka 'oku ou fiefia he faingamalie ko eni ke u
fai atu ha faka'apa'apa ki he 'Otua i he'ene tauhi au ke u a'u mai ki
he ta'u faka'ofo'ofa ko eni. pea mo e faingamalie 'oku ou ma'u ke
fakahoko 'ene ngaue i he fonuani. 'osi mahino kiate au 'ikai ke mou
fu'u loko mahino 'eku tohi ko eni ka sai pe ia ko e kii sioki pe. mou
mata'i ofato eee
mo e 'ofa
Elder Mayberry

hey cutie
i am emailing today because tomorrow im flying out to haapai to do
some records and paper work out there. we found an entire book of
people that had been baptized that have no records in the church's
system so we are going to haapai tomorrow to find them all. we will be
up there for at least three days so hopefully it will be successful and
we can get all these people's souls saved. but i explained all that in
my other email so you can read all about it. i am pretty sure ill be
out of the office in a week or two so im excited thinking about where
i might go. (but there is a small chance i might just stay in the
office, Pres has been talking about just keeping me in here) but well
find out soon enough.
hope Christmas went well for you all. its already 2010 down here just
so you know ...this year is way better than last year. last year was my
invisible year. 2008 i was home for most of the year and 2010 i will
be home for the last few months of it but 2009 i was invisible to you
guys the whole year. well family i love you and will see you later
this year


(A quick email back from an email I wrote with a reminder for him to
stay humble)
i dont have time to email this very second but i just had one
correction... change the stay humble to get humble.
Love Virgil

then the real email......
hey mommy i know im a horrible writer and this week im following the
trend i just wanted to say that i will call you on your christmas i
have a few cell phones here so ill just call you from one of them so
you wont have to talk to the tongans like on mothers day. and
christmas last year. but one of the numbers is 646-77-46860 i think
thats the number but im not exactly sure of the country code but the
last six digits are for sure. i love you all and cant wait to talk to
you guys. Love
Elder Mayberry/virgil/yourson/yourbrother/thetongandude


hey mommy
sorry i dint email last week i was kinda busy. transfers are on monday
so we are working really hard to get things ready. we have been
trying very hard to get things prepared so we have been working harder
in the "off season" so its not quite as crazy now during transfer
last week was kind of hard on me. i got sick just a cold but it sure
made things miserable for me. president and i have been working on
some of my weaker attributes such as humility and patience. i must say
im getting a lot better at both but have a long way to go (im very
proud of how humble i am getting :) my comp and I get along very well. last
week he was helping me fix a door and i was using a knife in a way
that is not exactly the smartest way but it was working fine. but he
pulled the door out from under the knife and i almost lost my pinky
finger on my right hand. i had to get like 6 stitches which is a
pretty good cut for so small a finger. luckily turns out that finger
is pretty much useless any way so its not much of a loss really and it
should be back working in a week or so. it just cut some nerves so its
all numb and kinda gross but its no big deal it will all heal
eventually. and guess what i didnt even swear (not even in my head).
thats good that morgans doing well, he sure seems like he is
getting big from the pictures. and jessica almost graduating. i feel
old and it feels like i have been in tonga for a very long time. i
sure have enjoyed it though and things sure have been fun.
love you all and miss you
love elder mayberry