Thursday, May 21, 2009

last week of school

hey family how is everything going it was good to talk to > you all last > week i had fun hearing the tongans side of you guys trying > to get a > hold of me. tell steven i said hi and to stay out of > troube. i emailed > david the other day it was kinda cool to hear from him. i > cant wait to > longboard with tc and boo i miss my baby roxy (the name of virgils longboard) something > fierce. those > two are probably better than i am by now i will have to work > hard to > catch up. tell Abby congrats for me. and any one else i > know that is > getting married. we did some tracting this week and set up > 11 teaching > appointments this week i will be happy though if 4-5 of > them are > actually lava (able). my comp is awesome his name is folau > my old comps > name is me'ahala and i wish you all spoke tongan so i could > tell you > how funny his name is but since im a missionary ill keep > this letter > clean. > we are supposed to have a baptism or two this week yahoo > !!! i didnt > even rememeber the prayer sad huh. i dont really keep in > contact with > anyone but my family so feel free to report anything you > deem > pertinent. well im out of intelligent things to say (didnt > take long > huh) love you all and hope all is well > eder mayberry >


hey guys im just chillin here in the > internet cafe thinking about > you guys and how you are doing sounds like your all doing > good and > busy. tonga is beautiful and the work is going well its > funny hearing > all the news from home it seems like some other world. im > kinda > excited for this week we have tons of appointments and even > a few > baptisms that are supposed to happen. well i got to go > someone else > needs the pc but i love you all and wish you well' > take it easy > elder mayberry

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


my comp went to niua with me here will still be there a > transfer or > two. my comp got to tonga in febuary. our zoneies are in > the major > city here its like a five minute drive. you can drive > everywhere in > this island so travel is pretty easy. we fish every now and > then im > supposed to go catch oyesters with a guy some time soon. i > dont know > the island that well yet but as far as i know you can drive > to all the > big islandsin vava'u but noone lives on teh small ones > they are pretty > rocky and cilffy to live on. they have chickens lots of > pigs but thats > about it everything else comes from new zealand. i didnt > get the > pancakes they were busy but will get around to it sometime. > > well hey it was good hearing the lateset news the swine flu > hasnt made > it to tonga yet the pigs are a ll home grown so i dont > think well have > to worry aboutit for a while. what is your current position > at work > right now do you boss or be bossed how is it going back > down the totem > pole a little bit. hows the hunting there in AZ can you > still call > coyotes or anything. well im going to goo see if i cant > find my comp > we did a little split today so that the palangi im with > could call > home but i should be heading back to my area pretty quick > so ill try > to call you guys this evening. well i love oyu all and hope > all is > well > love elder mayberry >


hey pop it was god to hear from you guys yesterrday and > hopefully we > will be ale to talk later today. we have a few teaching > appointments > later today that i am pretty excited for our ward mission > leader is > awesome he finds us investigators at least once a week they > blew us > off last week but the two families this evening are pretty > promising. > there are two goofy palangies talking on video phone right > next to me > and its hilarious they are an old couple and they are like > yelling at > the screen and stuff im trying hard not to laugh at them to > hard but > its pretty humurous the tongans are just laughing behind > their backs. > any way i love and hope that all is well > love elder mayberry


Morgan, 'io malo 'etau lava 'oku ou sai 'aupito well done on the tongan;-)
they dont really celebrate any holidays here the only thing they do to
celebrate is eat slightly more than usual even christmas. lu pulu is
kinda rare i didnt have any in niua they just eat fish there is an
occasional pig but here in vava'u they have pretty much whatever you
want. but lu pulu is not quite as popular as lu sipi and lu moa (lu
sheep and lu moa) everyone walks around with thier shirts off so that
law must just not be enforced. lies and the dancing and stuff are
pretty much purely ceremonial and therfore only for tourists and
royalty noone else much cares about it. good try on the translation it
actually mean im going to the lake to catch fish maybe i will grill
them later they taste much better cooked than jsut raw.

hey mommy i'm sitting here in the internet cafe one of the palangis is
talking to his parents right now and the owner is a member so we email
free so i thought i would drop you a line and see how you are doing? i
decided i should start reporting a little more on my missionary work
and a little less on the adventures of elder mayberry (though ill
still tell you a few cool stories every now and then) this week we
taught a few nonmembers but unfortunately they were all younger and
for some reason all of their parents are antimormon so we were asked
not to come back. one of the kids hasnt told his parents he is taking
the lessons he is 16 but he hasnt been able to make it to church
becuase his parents are pretty fehi'a(hateful) toward the church so
thats a but frustrating but if nothing else i get some practice
teaching my lessons. we have a lot of teachings set up this week we
are actually teaching a preacher from another religion they love
talking to palangis and just talking religion so we will head over
thursday or so i better be pretty prepared with my lessons huh?? well
i love you all
'ofalahi atu
elder mayberry
ps they just call me may

hey cutie how are you doind today i heard that you called the phone
today loooking for me we are in a different town right now but i will
try to get back in touch with you guys this evening. it was great to
hear from you all sorry i havent emailed in a while but i have been
kinda busy. i lov eyou all and hope all is well. congrats on
graduation i knew you could do it. love elder mayberry