Saturday, January 9, 2010


hey mommy
sorry i dint email last week i was kinda busy. transfers are on monday
so we are working really hard to get things ready. we have been
trying very hard to get things prepared so we have been working harder
in the "off season" so its not quite as crazy now during transfer
last week was kind of hard on me. i got sick just a cold but it sure
made things miserable for me. president and i have been working on
some of my weaker attributes such as humility and patience. i must say
im getting a lot better at both but have a long way to go (im very
proud of how humble i am getting :) my comp and I get along very well. last
week he was helping me fix a door and i was using a knife in a way
that is not exactly the smartest way but it was working fine. but he
pulled the door out from under the knife and i almost lost my pinky
finger on my right hand. i had to get like 6 stitches which is a
pretty good cut for so small a finger. luckily turns out that finger
is pretty much useless any way so its not much of a loss really and it
should be back working in a week or so. it just cut some nerves so its
all numb and kinda gross but its no big deal it will all heal
eventually. and guess what i didnt even swear (not even in my head).
thats good that morgans doing well, he sure seems like he is
getting big from the pictures. and jessica almost graduating. i feel
old and it feels like i have been in tonga for a very long time. i
sure have enjoyed it though and things sure have been fun.
love you all and miss you
love elder mayberry

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