Tuesday, May 12, 2009


my comp went to niua with me here will still be there a > transfer or > two. my comp got to tonga in febuary. our zoneies are in > the major > city here its like a five minute drive. you can drive > everywhere in > this island so travel is pretty easy. we fish every now and > then im > supposed to go catch oyesters with a guy some time soon. i > dont know > the island that well yet but as far as i know you can drive > to all the > big islandsin vava'u but noone lives on teh small ones > they are pretty > rocky and cilffy to live on. they have chickens lots of > pigs but thats > about it everything else comes from new zealand. i didnt > get the > pancakes they were busy but will get around to it sometime. > > well hey it was good hearing the lateset news the swine flu > hasnt made > it to tonga yet the pigs are a ll home grown so i dont > think well have > to worry aboutit for a while. what is your current position > at work > right now do you boss or be bossed how is it going back > down the totem > pole a little bit. hows the hunting there in AZ can you > still call > coyotes or anything. well im going to goo see if i cant > find my comp > we did a little split today so that the palangi im with > could call > home but i should be heading back to my area pretty quick > so ill try > to call you guys this evening. well i love oyu all and hope > all is > well > love elder mayberry >

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