Thursday, May 21, 2009

last week of school

hey family how is everything going it was good to talk to > you all last > week i had fun hearing the tongans side of you guys trying > to get a > hold of me. tell steven i said hi and to stay out of > troube. i emailed > david the other day it was kinda cool to hear from him. i > cant wait to > longboard with tc and boo i miss my baby roxy (the name of virgils longboard) something > fierce. those > two are probably better than i am by now i will have to work > hard to > catch up. tell Abby congrats for me. and any one else i > know that is > getting married. we did some tracting this week and set up > 11 teaching > appointments this week i will be happy though if 4-5 of > them are > actually lava (able). my comp is awesome his name is folau > my old comps > name is me'ahala and i wish you all spoke tongan so i could > tell you > how funny his name is but since im a missionary ill keep > this letter > clean. > we are supposed to have a baptism or two this week yahoo > !!! i didnt > even rememeber the prayer sad huh. i dont really keep in > contact with > anyone but my family so feel free to report anything you > deem > pertinent. well im out of intelligent things to say (didnt > take long > huh) love you all and hope all is well > eder mayberry >

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