Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cold Tongan Winter

hey mommy my birthday was really good and i feel pretty much the same as before my birthday except i always tell people the wrong age. i have not got grams package but there was one package that someone sent me in niua that got lost on the boat so if you ever figure out someone who sent me a package in February, tell them it disappeared but i havent got any packages yet. Even if they got to tonga its still kinda hard to get them here to vava'u. i kinda just avoid the bishop now days. i told him just to wait a week and ill leave and maybe the next missionaries will make him happy he just grunted at me and we havent spoken since. not the best way to end something but i was kinda out of options. i see the president once a transfer for our interviews and the aps even less often. my comp is ok as a guy just no good as a missionary so we havent been very productive. my arctic winter is so bad i started sleeping with sheets on my bed and i turn off the fan at night. tell thomas just to watch out for the girls they are even bigger distractions than nice cars for young teenage drivers. all the missionaries have been sick here lately so there has been a lot of down time and that leads to problems so it has been interesting lately. but all is well transfers are coming up fast so well have to see what happens i always like playing the guessing game. well mom i love you and hope all is well love elder mayberry

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