Thursday, July 23, 2009

email to Morgan

thanks dude you only email me when your completely bored huh? nice boo. im doing good here a lot better than you noone has been trying to cut my privates open. ;-) i do have some good stories for you. i let you be the first i email that im moving im leaving vava'u back to tonga im the new office elder ill be running all the material needs of the mission. bikes houses plane tickets boat tickets and all that fun stuff. i bought a new machete and i am getting really good at climbing cocnut trees now me and another missonary climbed up one and both of us sat in the top it was really tall and we drank coconuts up there and took some pictures. it was pretty sweet i must say. the other day i went out on a little boat and caught a pretty big shark i was so sad i dont have a camera. i promise i wont take any days off just because you told me not to. take it easy boo

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