Saturday, September 12, 2009


hey cutie i got my package this week with the camera and stuff inside
i just wanted to start off and say thanks i really appreciate it i
went like twelve weeks without a camera and lost a lot of pictures
when it got taken. so it will be nice to have something to snap a shot
every now and then. sounds like all is well back at home im glad that
you are all having a good time and staying busy. i just realized that
this week is my year mark thats kinda cool but i must say that this is
going by way to fast but i guess that is eternally better than way to
slow. for a meeting to be immortal doesnt mean it has to be
everlasting. it takes on e heck of a meeting to beat no meeting at
all. even if everything goes absolutely wrong life goes on and if it
doesnt then you have a whole new set of problems. when you work work
hard when you play play hard when your angry pretend like your not.
and now i better go lay down before i hurt myself trying to seem all
intelligent and whatnot.
i have to tell you about transfers. we had 6 boat cancellations 2
airplanes canceled 200 dollars lost 50 dollars stolen 1 zone
conference forgotten and 0 things that ended up going right. but the
good news is that all of it got done even though i had to drive a
bunch of elders home at 300 in the morning a few times last week and
pulled more than one 20 hour day. the good news is president didnt
have to worry about any of it. he has plenty on his plate already so we
try to take care of it ourselves whenever possible.
we had some fun teachings this week we have about 6 investigators
right now that we are teaching. we met this one guy that has been
excommunicated from the church for 36 years because when he went to
turn in his mission papers the bishop told him that he had to shave
before he would let him go. the guy got mad and went home and got
drunk slept with a girl and ended up going down a path that involved
some pretty heavy sins even murder. so watch your tempers and try to
stay away from alcohol.
love elder mayberry

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