Sunday, September 6, 2009


Quote re: Courage is not defined by those who fought and fell but by
those who fought and fell and rose again.

ok that is a great quote i havent heard that in forever. where did you
get that one from;-).
i was glad to hear that jess got to play in the game. I forget school
has been going so long.
Time goes so fast, this is a bit different down here
so i dont get much feel for what time it is in your world. sounds like
she is having fun though.
unfortunately i dont have a lot of fun things
to tell you. im trying to get the transfer planned out this weekend i
have to move 23 missionaries to 7 islands 4 of which dont have any
regular boat or airplane service and its a bit like trying to sweep a
dirt floor you can make it look better but its still dirt. i have been
getting a lot of financial experiences lately i have been helping the
office couple balance out all of the paper work for the mission we
think that a few companies have been a bt dishonest with us so we ran
our own little audit of their transactions to find out how much they
have been charging so we can know when they are jipping us. the
missionary work has slowed to a crawl for some reason all of our
investigators dont like listening to us after the second lesson they
think two is company but three is a crowd applies to gospel principals
but hey i guess everyone has their free agency. love you guys
elder mayberry (aka virgil) in case you forgot who that was)

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