Wednesday, November 11, 2009


hey mom
well this evening finds me in excellent spirits and as cheerful as can
be. life just seems to be really good lately and im not complaining
about it. i got a full stomach and a bed to sleep on. i have been
realizing more and more during my missing just how unimportant all
those things are that we value so much in our society. i must say
that some creature comforts are very nice but there are some things
that are an awful waste of money. its funny i have been out here long
enough that this feels just as much like home as the place you live
in. im good enough in my language that i have no trouble understanding
almost anything people tell me. i still have trouble every now and then
expressing some piece of grammar that i havent used very often but i
have that much trouble speaking english. i feel very content with
what the lord has allotted me and frankly quite grateful for how much
he has given me. i have a great family that loves me, i have a mission
president that has so much love even to people that i cant hardly
stand to talk to. my mission is absolutely amazing it has its down
sides and i have my down days but there is no better place to get
stuck than the islands of tonga. the people here have taught me a lot
of things that hopefully i will be able to take into my life and make
myself a better person when i get home.
thanks mom for always being there to help me and try to keep me out of
trouble. i appreciate you always sending me stuff while i m down here.
i actually have a christmas box for you guys. but i doubt that it will
get there on time. i still am gathering up stuff to fill it up but i
think it will be fun when you finally get it. its got 7 CDs worth of
mission pictures. and some cool stuff from my travels in tonga. its not
much but i think it will be fun.
as far as the box you are sending you mentioned sending some stuff. i
can get garments here i actually live next door to the distribution
center. but white shirts are hard to come by. they have them here but
they are not very high quality and get junky pretty fast. id like some
more of those CTR shirts that we got in Phoenix but if not i have the
capability to hem my shirts when they get here so any walmart one will
be fine. i like the athletic fit shirts a little better so i dont
look as poofy. but its ok either way just size 15.5 will do great
thanks mom.
tell grandpa and everyone i said hi and that i miss them all. 'ofa lahi atu
Elder Mayberry

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