Saturday, November 14, 2009


hey cutie,
news from tonga
uchtdorf came and it was absolutely amazing he is one of the most
genuine guys you will ever meet i didnt get to much time with him (he
is a pretty busy guy) but i got to shake his hand and went to every
meeting he went to for both of the days he was here. he and his wife
are absolutely awesome she is so funny and cute. we had quite a bit of
work to do to get ready for him. we almost got to go do a temple
session with him but we couldnt because he did it during our morning
program i figured ditching the lords rules to go to the temple and
meet an apostle might be a bit hypocritical (yes i spelled that wrong
but give me a break im in tonga) anyway it was a lot of fun to have
him here but the missionaries have all been getting in trouble again
so we have been doing discipline helps for the last two weeks. one
missionary got in trouble for fraternizing in a a manner unbefitting a
missionary with an old fat ugly bishops wife. it was a bit embarassing
to get that phone call reporting him. plus a few other ones that arent
really appropriate for me to gossip on. just know that they keep me
busy here and that i love my job and my mission but especially my
mission president.
ofa lahi atu PS kovi aupito ae tamaiki fefine nau feinga lahi ke
tauhele'i emau kau faifekau
Elder mayberry

hey mom i stilll have some time left while my comp finishes up so i
thought i would write you just a little bit more. i wanted to say how
much i love you and how much i appreciate you and dad and all the
help that you gave me. i never realized before i got out here how
little so many people know about their religion even missionaries but
i have been blessed to have been raised in a home where the gospel was
taught and you gave me the opportunity to know what it was that i now
profess to be true to all these people. thank you so much for never
giving up on me. never just letting me do all those dumb things
without offering me help and guidance. i know i wasnt always the most
humble learner (still working on that one by the way) but i do
remember the things you said and they stuck and i have learned much
from them as i ponder them from time to time. i bet your kind of having
a bit of a hard time right now but i want to testify that the lord
loves you and he loves our family. if the lord know the sparrows and
loves them how much more important are we his children. Mom the Lord
helps us out even when we dont realize it sometimes the things that
sem hardest here turn out ot be the things that help me the most.
weight lifting helps the most when you strain the most. same rule
applies it may hurt but it will help later. hang in there and know
that i love you and more importantly the lord loves you and will help
you. president uchtdorf promised us while he was here this week that
when we pray the Lord will answer and when we fast the lord will speak
peace to our souls. i never was much good at this preaching business
but i hope you know that i mean it from the bottom of my heart the
church is true and our saviour lives and loves us. i know he guides
this church and through the holy ghost we can know the truth of all
things. know that i pray for you and the lord hears both of our
love you lots from your tongan son
Elder virgil Mayberry

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