Wednesday, February 3, 2010


hey mom i cheated i had to come help a lady fix her computer so i
figured i would drop you a line while i was here. all is well the new
area is starting to grow on me i did actually mail you a few letters..
im excited you got the box. the bags are from a lady up in vavau she
gave them to me but i gave her some money for them because of how nice
she is (and really poor)
the necklaces are made of either whale or cow bone and are carved by a
family out where i used to work in vava'u.
im glad you got the CDS i know it took a while for you guys to get any
pictures from me but i made up for it by sending a lot. i forgot the
other stuff inside but you guys can do whatever you want with it.
i love you all and hope all is going well
elder mayberry

oh im in mu'a in zone hahake my comps name is 'asaeli piukala

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