Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Sunday 1-17-10 Hey Family, We’ll see how this works out. I must say I have been pretty dismal in the letter writing aspect of work. But I’ll see if I can fix that. I left the office finally, it was a long stay but I surely loved it. I’m out in a town in the east side of the main island called Mu’a. My companion and I are the zone leaders for a large section of the island. The zone has its fair share of challenges with its being the most spread out with some very isolated villages. My companion Elder ‘Asaeli Piukala is an excellent guy and will help me a lot this transfer to be a better missionary. There are not very many palangis in my zone. The only two are both Tongans that grew up in NZ or USA. So with that comes some of the challenges of becoming good friends with the Elders without getting in trouble or getting carried away joking around with them. My area seems to be pretty good. We have a bunch of inactives here that are mad at the church for some reason or other. If you guys have any good advice on how to calm people down when they are mad at the church please let me know. I do have to admit I’m a bit homesick for the office with its fast pace and tons of work but its good for me to work on my weaknesses and this job will definitely do that. Sorry if this letter is a bit disappointing. I don’t have a whole lot to write this place is still really new to me. I did have a really good last week in the office. I got a ton of work done and like 10-15 lessons. It was pretty sad to leave all my members. I had gotten to know a lot of them really well over the last six months and was a bit sad to leave them but that’s missionary work for you I guess. My comp and I are getting ready to go to Nuku’leka right now. We are having a Zone p-day up there, so we should have fun. Unfortunately for me I’m not much of a volleyball player and that is all the Tongans like to do on p-day. Its okay though I’ll just find some pretty girls to go teach the lessons to. Well family, I love you all. Love Elder Mayberry A second letter in the envelope- I’m sitting here on my bed in our house, a little bored so I thought I would drop you a little note before I sealed the envelope I wrote on p-day. I had a great scripture study today, reading the old testament. I read about Moses being called through the burning bush. I was particularly interested when Moses is doubtful because he is slow of speech. The Lord answers him firmly but lovingly. To paraphrase he says, I made your mouth and you still doubt if I can give you the strength to do what I ask? Moses once again asks for a spokesman and the Lordgives him Aaron. Exodus 4:11-13, 1 Nephi:3:7, 1 Cor 10:13. The Lord provides a way for us to do as he commands. When he tells us to do something he already has everything set up, all we have to do is exactly what he tells us. Love Elder Mayberry P.S. Moral of the story – be obedient P.S.S. Read 1 Cor 10:12 Don’t think too much or you’ll fall over

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