Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter

pea ha famili oku ou ofa lahi atu kiate kimoutolu pea kuou fkkaukau lahi ki he taimi te tau toe fetaulaki i amelika. te u akoi ha palangi foou he fehikitaki ko eni okuou tui e i ai ae ngaahi faingata'a'ia ai ka okuou vekeveke ke u feinga ke tokonii ae tokotaha foou ko eni ke ne lata i he feituu ko eni kuo kamata ke ofa'i lahi fau pehee ai. fkamu pe te mou mau ae tohi koeni i he fiefia mo e melino. oku ou faa lotua kimou3 pea kuo tala'ofa mai ae eiki te ne tokonii kimou3 ke mau ae ngaahi tapuaki kotoape a\oku mou fiemau. that means hi in tongan........ im staying put in the same area MU'A but ill be getting a new comp (ill be training a new palangi) i dont know who he is yet as they dont get here till thursday but ill let you know his name when i find out... life is going super duper down here. we baptized two wonderful people last week a 17 year old girl named 'Ofa (who really thought TCs picture was cute) and her little brother Semi 11yrs we are hoping to be able to teach there mother this week and have already started teaching their uncle from america. Mom dont read the stuff inside the parentheses(side note for thomas there have been a lot of girls down here who get really googly eyed around me and all want to marry my little brother. i started carrying some family pictures and i have about 30-40 girls waiting to marry you when you come on your mission here...) speaking of girls tell jessica to start finding me a girl to date when i get back. preferably one who wont make to much fun of my social retardation that now occurs as a result of living as a missionary in tonga for so long...... im pretty sure that i will be doing two homecomings one in St, david and one in Deming. any way my old comp is now the AP and i have been here on the main island here for 6 starting 7 transfers now. im really hoping to vacate next transfer unless my son is just way awesome... wait what am i saying he is my son how can he not be awesome!!!!!!!!! mom see how close i am to being humble these days i almost forget stuff like this every now and again.. the weather is starting to get colder now days which is nice for everything except for showering because hot water is still not a big commodity here in tonga. morning showers after my wimpy workout are a real eye opener. the other day i had to wake up early for transfers so i got a icy cold shower at five in the morning. lets just say it was more than sufficient to wake me up for the day. i dont know how it happens that nothing in this country is cold except the water i use to shower with. but any ways i love you all and hope all is well ill see you all in a year or two.... just kidding more like 6 months!!!!!!!! love Elder Mayberry

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