Thursday, March 25, 2010


which car was that the nissan or my other one (i cant remember what kind of car it is) that you changed the tranny on? it sounds like the house is coming well. we had a pretty funny awkward situation come up this week actually two of them. the first one we had a few investigators that we invited to a family home evening at a members house, we found out later that the guy who we invited killed the other guys son. the guy that did the killing is a lot younger and has a family they were there with all their kids and the old guy whose son died doesn't really know the other guy killed him. it was a bit awkward but it worked out alright in the end. we just have to make sure to schedule them at different times from now on...... the other one there was a new missionary in the mission and he went to leave a scripture for the family to read before the next appointment he tried to leave 2 nephi 3:7 but instead he left 3Nephi 3:7 you'll have to read it to see the humor in it read the 2 nephi first... well i love you guys and hope all is going well. love elder mayberry

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