Friday, June 18, 2010


hey mom i came to pangai for a conference and there is an internet cafe here at the school so i thought that i wouold drop you a line and tell you that im not dead yet. the island that im working on is really small and not a lot to do but my comp is a good guy and the people are really nice. the island is called ha'afeva it is the main island out of a group of about 5 really small islands just south of teh main pangai group. so to emphasize this island let me explain this to you. think of newzealand a fairly small country off the coast of australia now move east of that there is a small sland called tonga if you move north of that there is a little group of islands called ha'apai with pangai being the main city. just south east of ha'apai is a really small group of islands called lulunga. in the middle of this little cluster is a place called ha'afeva. we probably have less than 150 people on the island. luckily we cover all the outer islands off ha'afeva so we have some really interesting bopat rides that resemble something you would see in a movie. i have a pet volleyball named wilson...... just kidding but i seriously feel like that sometimes. i feel like the end of my mission is starting to get close so im trying to give it a good final push and try to keep from getting trunky for the next three months or so. my comps name is Sione Tu'akoi and he actually grew up on the island that we are working on so it makes things interesting. in some ways its really good in some ways its really bad... in the obituaries section of my letter i would like to inform you that my camera bit the dust of unkown causes. it was still working fine it just had a cracked screen bu tthe other day it wouldn't turn on for me. i dont know if it would be worth sending a new one. ill just leave it up to you guys i think i have plenty of pictures and not quite sure how long ill be up here in lulunga. but any way if you see a good deal pick me one up if not i cant say i will be to sorry i think i have donated enough cameras to tonga. sounds like you guys are having fun. know that i love you and im doing great love elder mayberry

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