Monday, July 12, 2010

back on the main island

hey mom im back in town now... the president decided that he didnt want missionaries on that island anymore so i got sent back to the main island im working in a place called ma'ufanga i cover the entire downtown of nuku'alofa its a huge area with no members.... my comp is a guy naamed elder fonua from eua he is cool just kinda spastic and hyper but its fun we get along fine. i find i can get along with people a lot easier now that i have had to do it for so long.... nothing really exciting to report except we had trouble with the boats so im just getting here at the end of the 2 week of the transfer. we ae lots of coconuts on that island and i really loved the people there but ill go where you want me to go and all that spiritual stuff... ;-) oh yeah and we got a new mission president, hes no Mcmurray but he is a good guy and has somethings that he is really good at well see how itturns out. luckily even if he really stinks he only has one transfer meeting left to torture me with. you can stand on your head for 6 weeks and not think anything of it. one of my buddies i came in with is the AP and he told me that we have just over ten weeks left... and i turn 21 on monday cool huh. sounds like you guys are all keeping busy. hope you guys stay out of trouble long enough for me to get home andtake care of you all... ;-) or is it the other way around. well i love you all and hope life takes care of you. water is wet the church is true. Elder Mayberry

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