Friday, July 30, 2010

Virgil's wife

hey mom i just wanted to drop you a quick line. i just wanted to say i love you and appreciate all the work you put in for your kids. life is going great here i cant complain. just trying to keep from getting trunky. some of the guys i came in with have pretty much already thrown in the towel. but i figure i made 22 months i can stick it out for 2 more so i can have a prettier wife when i get back... im pretty sure thats how that works anyway. anyway my comp is a really c\good guy and we get along really well we just have to be careful to keep it respectful since we have a lot of fun together. one of my girlfriends here said to tell you hi and that she cant wait to meet you guyz before we all go back to america. we plan on getting married after i get back. ;-) i figure i better get hitched fast before steven or jessica does. ;-) love you guys Elder Mayberry

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