Saturday, September 18, 2010

last email

hey mommy i think this will be the last email of my mission and its about brought me to tears... that sounds like a great list of stuff and there will be some very happy people down here. IM DONE WOOHHOOO im not sure i have told you about the work this last transfer but we have thirteen baptisms tomorrow and three more on saturday plus the four last week its been a great transfer for people doing what we ask them to do.... there will definitely be a place for the suitcases and stuff so bring whatever you want. as long as it fits on the plane were fine here. im excited to see this house that you guys have been working on for so long. it will be interesting to see how close you got it to the last one. do i still have a room there or have i alreadyu been evicted??? we will have plenty of time to send a letter or two if you want. uummmm i dont know what to say. its been two years but i guess ill see you next thursday.... ill probably call you when i finish to make sure there is nothing else needs to be done.... i love you guys thanks for always writing me. love elder virgil mayberry

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