Friday, August 27, 2010

August 26, 2010

hey mommy im glad you emailed me yesterday sorry you had to panick though turns out we had a bunch of teachings so we kinda canceled pday till today. tell steven to quit picking his nose so hard and he wont get hte buggers building up giving him headaches any more. for systems i will probably major in chem E and specialize in systems i think ASU is the only place that actually offers it as a degree. i would just shoot for a school with Chem E and take it from there. my view on wrestling is if i can do it without taking from school to much ill take it. plus the angel wearing a singlet told me if i get a scholarship that i should just take it.... i talked to my mission pres and he said that i will just have to get home to be released... i really dont have any schedule for when i get home so the 17th sounds like a good time to speak... we were supposed to each a lady this morning and commit her to be baptised i have been thinkin about it all morning but when we showed up she was busy and asked us to come back on monday... agency it will get you.. ummmmm brain te'epilo i cant think of what else i was going to tell you guys so ill just say i love you and hope your all still alive when i get home love me

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