Wednesday, December 17, 2008


hey tamai it was good to hear from you im glad that the house is selling but kinda sad i wont ever get to see my basement> again. i was planning on living there for a few years. ;-)>

i have some cool stories for you i ate a> dog this week and an octopus and a pig and some lobsters and> some crabs and some squishy black stuff that tasted like> some sort of fish. they were all pretty delicious. i was> walking by a house and i saw the people beat the dogs head> in with a club so i asked them if i could eat some later> they said yes so we went and taught a lesson then came back> and ate him. the next day there was a wedding so they> spitted a pig and we would just walk up and rip a piece of> meat of and snarf it down. the octopus took some courage to> eat with the tentacles and suction cups and everything just> pop it in your mouth. and chew it i picked a suction cup out> of my mouth a few minutes later. i taught like seven lessons> this week and i have to teach every other topic so its kinda> tough but we are supposed to have a least one this week and> hopefully a few next week.> elder mayberry>

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