Wednesday, December 17, 2008


hey(malo lelei) dad how are you(fefe hake) this is your loving son virgil its my pday on thursdays and we only get> thirty minutes to do emails so i get to work on my> speed(vave) typing so please excuse any miss spelled words.> how is life(mo'ui) going. the MTC is pretty awesome(tika) a lot of> the people here have a hard time with all the rules and> restrictions but it really doesnt bother me. how is steven doing was> it nice to get to go see him. feel free to write me on> any time i have a lot of time to write(tohi)> letters just not much time to get on my email account. i> must say(lea) though the MTC is incredibly spiritual and a> wonderful place thank you so much for helping me to get here> and encouraging me to do right.

tongan is going really well i> can feel heavenly father helping me to learn the language.> its a very simple language as far as sentence structure and> grammar but they have ridiculously long words like> fakatau'ataina'i'i which means freed. and other> such insane things. i know heavenly father(Temai Hevani) is> helping me because i already know about 70 vocab words and> there is no way i could do that on my own. my companion is a> way awesome guy he looks a lot like nick williams. well i have to go but i love you all and i hope to> hear from you soon.> love('ofa) elder mayberry

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