Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Description of Tonga

im in tonga everything is good its completely awesome here > definitely nothing that i expected but super duper. i love my comp he is awesome and he speaks > really good english. my home is pretty small but cool the food is > bland but pretty good. i will now try to describe tonga in as few > sentences as possible it is not super hot. it is as beatiful as any > fotograph of a tropical island you have ever seen. im on the main > island in a village called fahefa but we also cover fo'ui which is a > few miles away semi challenging since we have to walk everywhere. the > people here remind me of the really poor parts of mexico but they are > way nicer and more hospitable.s orry for the bad typing im typing fast > and im to lazy to spell check. i love you all.

im in another town > right now we had a thanksgiving feast at the presidents house today > and then my comp and i came over to another town to get to an email > spot. well i think thats it i love you all please forward this around. > love elder mayberry

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