Friday, January 16, 2009


hey pop sorry i havent email in a while i havent been able > to get to a > new computer i agree 100 % with what you said i had a few > of those hard > days lately but im still doing really good. my new comp is > best > described as a great builder of patience. he doesnt speak > any english so > my tongn s getting a lot better. but i must say in his > defence he is a > pretty good missionary we have been teaching a couple > poeple and two > whole families it doesnt look like they will come to > fruition until > after this transfer though so i probably wont be here. > there is a rumor > going around that im headed motu after this transfer which > means one of > the smaller islands but nothing for sure yet. well i hope > everything is > going well and hopefully i will be able to email next week > ;-) tell > everyone i said hi > love elder mayberry >

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