Friday, January 30, 2009

1/25/09 #2

i live in a small house running water and electricity, its about the
size of your old room in deming but since we are rarely in it here its
not really that big of a deal. i have a mattress but its really nasty
its brown b\from years of missionaries sleeping on it without sheets
and without wearing clothes. it has missionaries signatures from 2004
on it. we have a lot of little sugar ants and geckos but they keep the
centipedes and the cockroaches down so i kinda like them. i have some
good news and some bad news, i did get my packages from my family and
they made me so happy i love you guys and thank you for sending them.
the bad news is everything got stolen except for the dont eat pete
board and the gifts for mcmurray and vea. but its ok its the thought
that counts i did get a few skittles before they disappeared. im
staying about the same on weight i dont want you thinking im starving
to death i eat a lot its just not sticking i weigh 150 and its held
steady for a few weeks now. no i never got any seeds but a lot of stuff
gets "lost" in the mail here. no i dont need any thing right now but
thanks. love you lots

i didnt know i had a blog spot. but anyway i have A story for you i did a
companion exchange this week with another palangi and we just got home
after church and a lady came up and asked us to go give a lady a
blessing when we got there she was like laying in the bed crying and
like couldnt hold still because the pain was so bad but as soon as we
started giving her the blessing she stopped moving and stopped crying
and just held still when we finished the blessing she stood up and
just walked away the family was so happy they brought us in and fed us
pig and crab and some other really good tongan delicacies. it was
really amazing. we also went tracking and taught a few families. all
this by two white guys who dont even know the language yet. but heavenly
father know it and like he told moses he created us can he not teach
well i love you all
elder mayberry

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