Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dec 20

hey everybody life is good here in tonga the weather is hot and humid (go figure) its really amazing here but it does have its challenges. i saw the first refrigerator today since i have been in tonga. it was kinda funny, i saw a microwave too but it was broken. the mango season is already passed unfortunately but the bananas are all getting ripe so i eat them alot with crackers. hey i got my first baptism on Saturday his name is manoa latu and he is from fo'ui and he is 12 years old he took the lessons 2 x before he got baptized but it was pretty awesome. hey for the christmas call i will call moms cell phone and with a card from here and give you the number to the phone ill be using. if you guys could please find a card that is specifically for the south pacific just get one for like ten minutes (just kidding buy a card for as long as you want to talk to me for. and could you have steven get one if he wont be there to talk with you guys. email me any questions or comments by next monday thanks love you elder mayberry

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