Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2/16/09 Virgil is off to an island

hey mom i didnt actually get to read the emails but i got a computer and like two seconds to write you and tell you i love you and that im ok and hopefully io will be able to write you a real lettter here in just a little bit but i love you all the church is true water is wet and tongans drive on the wrong side of the road. love elder mayberry ok i will answer your questions in this email and then i have some crazy news that might make you a little sad. i left being comps with vea three days before 2009 started whenever that was i was comps with elder Tu'imoala he was an ok guy but we had a rough start he was from vava'u. i was in the same area the whole time so far there were two towns fahefa and fo'ui we covered them both both the first transfer i stayed in a house in fahefa and the second transfer i stayed in fo'ui. they do have rats that will eat your feet but they dont come to close to the houses because of all the dogs runnning around they usually stay in the trees. sorry its not very long but i will tell you my story in another email. sorry i have written very much lately but im keeping a journal for you when i get back love you all. elder mayberry

Since this is the last email i got from you guys ill tell you my news you remember that movie the other side of heaven and that little timy that he goes to well im not going there.... but im going to a smaller island a quite a ways farther out it is the farthest island in the mission and im one of the greenest missionaries to go out there in a decade or two. im really excited to go they speak really fast tongan up there and so by the time i get back i will be pretty much fluent its really expensive to send people up there and kinda hard to adjust to the life so i will be up there for at least two transfers or 12 weeks. president mcmurray took me aside after the transfer meeting to talk to me he told me i was in for the adventure of my life the branch up there is all but dead there are 60 members and about 600 people on the island but only one active family. me and my comp will be the first and second counsellors in the branch presidency and it will be our job to reestablish the church in the island. its called Niuafo'ou. im really nervous but extremely excited chances are i wont email for at least three months and the boat rarely goes up there so if you dont hear from me for a couple months know that i love you all. dad try to relax and enjoy yourself in sierra vista if you see any of the guys from sab on base tell them i said hi they drive big red trucks, and could you please text scott payne on my phone and get his email, if you could just tell him im doing ok and i have some really good pictures for him. mom i love your guts (and the rest of you too) dont stress out about school youll do great i promise after the kids you have raised i doubt those kids can surprise you with much. im taking all your letters you have written up with me in case i dont get any more. tell steven i said hi and stay out of trouble. jessica i love you your a gorgeous girl and dont forget it. take it easy stay away from those boys they'll get you in trouble. thom boy your my hero try hard in school dont kill your brother. morgan later bro thanks for the letters do good in school. i probably wont be able to email again to at least may so you'll probably be done with school i wish you all luck. dont worry about me if i die the president has your ohone number so it'll be alright. love you all take it easy and ill talk to you later elder mayberry


  1. He should not have said the "if I die" part! :o)That is not good for a mother to hear. Keep smiling Joyce!! Elder Groberg lived through it and Elder Mayberry can too!!!

  2. virgil has sent a couple emails recently. seems they have it there after all. hope to get nanny to post them soon or if i figure it out i will do it. he is still alive. that's good to hear!