Tuesday, March 17, 2009


hey dad this is your son virgil im still in niua they do > have internet > here its just fairly hard to get a hold of and i have been > really > busy. what have you all been up to?? > just so you know for some unknown reason google cancelled > my other > account so i made this new one myldsmail takes about thirty > minutes to > load on these internet connections. > work is going great i have some amazing stories from here > but i think > they are best told after my mission or at least after i > leave here. no > baptisms this place is really difficult to work in but we > tract alot > the language is coming along well turns out i might end up > being the > branch president here or my comp in a week or two. how is > everyone > doing what have you all been up to im up here in lalaland > so i dont > here anything about the real world i haven't even > talked to the > president since i got up here just 2x to the AP's. my > comp is a good > guy kinda a dauber but we get along well which is good > because this is > a very small isladn there are 600 people on the island > (probably less) > there are 60 registered baptized members but average church > attendance > is less than ten a week. most everyone leaves the island > after baptism > to go to a place where they can be with other members. i > got a little > sick when we first got here and lost a little bit of weight > but its > all good now. this place is very remote but they do have > one house you > can buy a few things from (very few things) and there are > phone lines > to most of the villages. this place here is the hun of the > local > pohones and has a sat link for outside calls. > tell everyone im doing good i dont know anyones email i > dont have the > paper and my lds mail isnt working im hoping this one is > right. > ummmm how is taylor doing did you happen to get scotts > email if you > guys still have the emails you sent to the other account if > you could > just forward them here. > the missionary house here is slightly lacking as is the > church house > but i havent died yet so i guess its ok there are 7-8 > little villages > here and its about a 2 hour walk from one side to the > other. i did get > a post card from mom a letter from jessica and a letter > from sis knoop > in deming. (please forward this to someone in deming so > they know how > its going) i heard i have a package but its in tonga and > there really > is no way of getting it up here. im going to send this now > to make > sure i can before i write any more i love you all and hope > all is well > love elder virgil mayberry

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