Saturday, August 1, 2009

Creature comforts

hey mom and family i have been moved here to the main island and i am loving it. i have been averaging 4 hours of sleep a night. we are in charge of all the transfers and moving people around to all the islands and so we have been very busy. we are also in charge of all the paper work that gets submitted to salt lake so we do all the baptism records into the computer. and we have a bunch of other jobs so we work hard and the days go by very fast. my p-day is Saturday so that we are available to help the other missionaries on their pdays. my comp is elder hanberg a palangi from utah he kind of reminds me of jeff mcfarland. they have the same attitude to things and so we are doing awesome working hard and sleeping harder. i have to tell you for as much as you are all becoming redneck i just got back into civilization. i got my first shower with running water in 6 months my first hot shower since the mtc. i put on shoes for the first time since nov 18 i used a microwave for the first time since i left home. my poor mind is about to go into shock. as for the missionary side of things we are always really busy but we try to fit in a teaching a day. it has been really good we have a small pool of investigators. i get to see the president every day i had to do some maintenance on his computer the other day because he locked himself out so he was impressed with my hacking skills. there is a good chance that i will get fat here in the office we eat really well and ride around in a van all day running errands and sit around doing paper work. but hey it happens right. ;-) we actually exercise every day i climbed some coconut trees this morning peeled the husk off and then put them in my refrigerator (another first) i kinda left my island experiences behind but tonga still gets some of them and with all the work we get to do im a very happy boy. i was sad to hear about david i hope it all works out for him. tell him to just stop being a faker. oh hey i met a doctor who is down here for a little while turns out he is a goodman from tucson but his parents are from st david. i dont remember what side of the family he came from but it was pretty funny i was talking to a few tongans and he saw my name tag and said something to the effect that he knew some mayberrys from st david. it was pretty cool then i played interpreter for a little while. well i got to go but i love you all and im sorry my typing stinks im kinda in a hurry. well love you all elder mayberry

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