Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 4, 2010

hey cutie this letter is really going to sound broken because i am talking tongan at the same time as trying to write english so if i get confused please correct it before you post it on that blog thing where everyone can laugh at me.... ;-) i think you got it right as far as the girl thing maybe i should wait a little longer to get the whole package. so i dont start looking at the fine print on the warranty after a few years..... sounds like you guys are having fun as always. tell morgan if he spent that much time caring about school as his bike he would be salutatorian Spelling???? I still cant believe jessica is out of the house already that is way to fast...we were just teaching an assembly type thing at the government high school and i was thinkin that these girls and boys are TC and morgans age... i feel pretty old, i have been out of high school over three years now.... i cant believe keely broke down.... she was such a trooper. and the cancer car too???? what have you guys been doing lately? did someone take up street racing? i have two little rays of sunshine here as far as investigators and they take up a lot of time. luckily in tonga time is one thing that is overly abundant. i think i have most of our tavels planned out for when you come. im excited for transfers monday to see where ill be when i finish.. can you believe that i have 6 weeks left...... lov eyou guys and will see you in a few months elder mayberry

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