Tuesday, March 17, 2009


its looking like i ll be here in niua for another 6 weeks > wich is good > because ,y comp and i will bet hte only preisthood in a > little bit. i > have some awesome pics and i have been writing pretty well > in my > journal so i can tell my grandkids all my grandkids about > when i went > to the other side of heaven then sailed for another eight > hours.. > i stop at grobergs island on my way here turns out they > filmed the > movie in lalo tonga not in niuatoputapu. but the island is > beautiful > we spent the night there and toured around. i have now > slept on every > major island in the kingdom of tonga excpet eua. not even > the mission > president has been to this island its a 5 day boat ride and > pretty > expensive. well i gotta go tell everyone i loe them and i > will try to > email next week.... > next week tuesday is 6MONTHS > love elder mayberry

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