Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 22 - After the earthquake, volcano and tsunami warning

March 22 emails - after the earthquake, volcano and tsunami warning they had down in Tonga! there was an earthquake but i'm a very long way away so i didn't even know about it till last night. my health is good now i got a little sick but i think that's a good story for when i get home. i took a big boat from tonga to here it was three stories and big enough to hold a few cars so nothing like groberg. the getting off the boat was fun especially with my suitcase but they have a bunch of people there to pull you to shore from the row boat so its a fun memory. yes i'm on the island with the big lake in the center its called vai (which means water tongans don't have a word for lake) there is a niuaen language but its starting to die most people here just speak tongan i'm starting to learn a little bit of niuaen though its pretty fun it's like Tongan, Samoan and something else mixed together. i'll be up here for at least another six weeks love elder mayberry

yeah good news the earthquake was farily big but i'm a good ways away so i'm fine i was at the lake and we didn't even notice anything. tell hailey to go ahead and get baptized and just write me a letter about it. tell hailey and hannah i still have the pictures they drew for me in the mtc. they are hanging on the wall of our hut. everybody always asks me about them. tell them i said hi and i love them. tell granny i said hi and i miss her. i'm supposed to get the package you guys sent me on wednesday there is an airplane coming up and the office elders are trying to get it sent up with it. i'm not sure when you sent it but i'm anxious to see whats in it. ironically i spent an hour saturday killing these birds with a slingshot but we ate them instead of just killing them the cuisine here is interesting i get to meet almost everything i eat before it dies . its a whole new world here but i'm learning a lot and hopefully helping at least a little to the people to come to christ through the message of the restored gospel. well 'ofa 'atu te 'alu ki vai taimini ke u kai lapila anai pea mahalo te u tunu ai. 'ifo ange aupito tunu 'i he 'ota 'ika pee. well take it easy know i love you and the lord takes care of his missionaries and if he forgets the president has your number so hell give you a call..... love you lots elder mayberry

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