Tuesday, March 17, 2009


sounds like life is still going on which is comforting > because lives > is a little different here. the president is talking about > keepiong me > here for a little longer than the original two transfers > now he is > talking six or seven months. there is plenty of work to do > but it is > fairly hard. we got our first person to start coming back > to church > but now we have to get him to s[top smoking and stop > drinking kava so > much. but its a start my comp is going to be th ebranch > president as > soon as the boat comes which is not very reliable they said > it would > come the first week of march but that didnt happen and the > rumors > start again everyweek now they are saying it might be a > months or two > before the boat comes.... oh well life goes on gives me a > little more > time to get prepared before the branch president leaves us. > i have some items i would appreciate if you guys could > locate and get > down to me sometime no rush since i cant get packages here > in niua so > it might be a few months before you could send it anyway. > 1. a xD card > reader for my camera that plugs into a usb port they sell > them at > walmart 2. three sets of scripture stickers 2 missionary 1 > seminary 3. > some pictures of you guys 4. a good recipe for pancakes 5. > maple > flavoring 6mouthgaurd (just like a football one or > something) well i > got to go but hopefully i can come back later love you all >

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