Wednesday, April 15, 2009


well church was very interesting this week it was me my comp > and one > lady. i conducted and gave the only talk adn blessed the > sacrament. it > was a fairly decent talk on the articles of faith. we are > out of bread > ont he island so we had coconut for sacrament it was very > memorable. i > learned alot and we taught 4-5 lessons so far this week. we > teach alot > just noone really internalizes it. i havent heard from > steven since > christmas. thanks for the package. transfers are week after > next and > we are supposed to call the president today to see if we > will stay > here or not next transfer. no hurricanes this week but it > did rain > alot. life as always is never boring here always something > new for me > to work on monday i was climbing some coconut trees and was > sitting at > the top of one and started thinking about you guys i > started laughing > at the randomness of the situation. this mission is > something else let > me tell you but there is nothing in the world more worth > while than > trying to help heavenly fathers children make it back. i > love you > elder maybrry

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