Monday, April 20, 2009

Still no Boat 4/20/09

hey pop no word on transfers yet but im waiting with bated > breath if i > stay i will get a new comp and 3 more months of fun and > exetment here > in niua who knows where i will go if i leave. they are > trying to get a > boat to come up with some supplies but im not holding my > breath. im > not quite sure how they would get us out of here for > transfers but hey > luckily im just an indian not a chief i just follow orders. > that box > will probably be getting here right around transfer time so > if we do > any moving around they will be able to get it up to me. im > anxious to > get the card reader i have a lot of really good pictures on > my camera > and the tongans are not all that technologically savy so im > scared the > pictures might get deleted i would be highly distraught. > unfortunately > we dont ride horses very often mostly we just walk alot > ALOT we did > six hours of straight wakling thursday back and forth > across the > island trying to get some stuff done i have worn through 2 > pairs of > flip flops and a pair of sandals these sandols right now > are broken > but i cant buy any new ones so i just wear them anyway. my > feet are > pretty darn tough now days. well i love you and hope your > knee gets > better try not to work to hard love > elder mayberry

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