Wednesday, April 15, 2009


congrats on your tests mom you did beat me finished ;-) i nknew you could do it. no the door has been broken for a long time one of the missionaries got mad and kicked it in. those pics were from before the hurricane it really didnt do to much damage just to the crops and washed out the road a little. other than that life is good here transfers are coming up but we dont know whats going to happen yet. tell steven i said hi and that he should email me sometime. unfortunately i have a lot to report just i'm just going to save it all up so i'll have some stories after i get home to tell you. have morgan tell them that i'm doing great we teach a lot of lessons we had coconut for sacrament on sunday since we are out of bread we haven't had a boat come since we got here 10 weeks ago we we are out of everything. we ride horses quite a bit here which is kinda surprising. life is great and heavenly father takes care of his missionaries. i love you all and hope that life is good. love elder mayberry

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