Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm not that stinky 4/19/09

OK I'm not that stinky i still shower i just use Tongan soap its a
[plant that you chew up and rub on your body like soap it smells nice
but it really doesn't clean as well as good old soap. tell thomas that
the tazer is pretty cool i made one in north dakota i thought it was
cool until my roommate tazzered me back. i'm glad school is going well
for you and that the house has turned into a mayberry terarium for
reptiles and unwanted species;-) everything is going well here but the
work is going kinda slow as always we only taught five lessons this
week do to the fact that we did a lot of service helping out in people
farm/gardens to earn us some food. talk about with out purse or scrip
(i finally found out what a scrip is and the saying makes a lot more
sense now) im having a brain fart right now as to what i should write
to you and for some reason my fingers dexterity is severely waning so
i cant type to save me life today sorry about the spelling. but know
that i love you all the work is going forward here. paul said some will
water and some will harvest i was lucky enough to be one of the ones
planting hopefully the harvest will be great someday. the people here
are really amazing and they have very big hearts they just dont know
what they are missing out on yet. the church is true water is wet and
lapilla is a fish.. sorry you probably wont get that one but ill
explain it a little bit here int eh middle of the island is a lake
that nothing used to live in and a hundred or so years or so ago they
brought this little fish here to populate the lake and now they are
literaly teeming and really easu to catch so that is what we eat
almost everyday they are only about 6-7 inches long full grown and
have a lot of bones but are pretty tasty we eat them raw boiled and
grilled (grilled is best) so any way i love you all and wish you well
elder mayberry

hey boo boy thanks for the email its good to hear from you. im glad
your having fun and doing well im doing good here. im still in niua
transfers are not for another two weeks and i might be staying for a
few more months anyways. no boats have come yet but we sure want them
to. we walk around the lake when we cross the island the island is a
volcano so to get to the lake you have to climb some mountains and
then climb down some cliffs its pretty fun and a really good workout.
i ate a horse the other day and i killled a dog thursday. we cooked it
and ate it whole head and all it was kinda gross the brain didnt taste
very good.
well morgan i love you and miss you stay out of trouble
love virgil

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