Wednesday, August 12, 2009


first of all i just want to point out the word terrific used to mean
full of terror so be careful how you use that one. ;-) i think maybe
morgan is practicing to be a business man. its good to hear that you
are all doing well though. so who is amp guy girl where from???? how
on earth did you get dad to agree to that one? youll have to let me
know what that ends up being like

i have some sad news thursday at 1 in the morning a boat sunk here in
tonga on its way out to some of the outer islands there are a lot of
people dead and missing. there were a few families that had come down
to be sealed in the temple and then drowned in the boat not three days
later. we lost a few people that my comp and i had been teaching. they
were going back to their home in ha'apai and the missionaries in
haapai were supposed to pick up where we left off but they never made
it back. luckily there were no missionaries on the boat that would
have been really hard because my comp and i are the ones who do all
travel arrangements so we lucked out on that one. we had some
missionaries on that boat not two days before it sank. i think
heavenly father was looking out for them.
the boat i rode back from niua got retired and so they brought in a used
boat from fiji while they waited for a new boat to be donated by the
japanese./ but the boat they got had some really bad leaks and they
used it any way. when the bottom is filled up with water the boat
sways side to side really bad and i guess one time it just flipped all
the way over upside down and all the people inside died. the people on
the top deck got out but that was mostly the men. they let the women
stay inside where it is more comfy. anyway it was really sad.
/love mayberry
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