Friday, August 14, 2009


well mother that was a very enjoyable letter and got some good news
out of it. i have some great news i got both your box and grams box
this week and i was very happy to get both of them. they made me a
very happy little elder. please tell gram thank you for me. and tell
you thank your for me as well. i dont know why you didnt get a picture
of me and the pres every one else in my group did maybe they just
forgot. but i will get one sometime in the near future. did i ever
get a plaque made?
tell steven i said hi.
tell thomas good luck on the Chem class and that if all else fails just make
it blow up then when you fail the class at least it will be
entertaining. and if you make it blow up big enough you might realize
that chemistry is kind of fun.

this week was really good we are teaching a lot nowadays we hit 4
lessons last night and we have some families that are really coming
along well. i would go into detail on all of the wonderful experiences
that happen here.......... but that's what the ensign is for. ;-) and
who am i to try to compete with the prophet.
well i think that i m going with my comp down to the beach we are
going to go get some coconuts and a family is cooking us dinner then
we are going down to the beach with a bunch of teenagers and having a
picnic i have no idea how to spell that. i love you all
the church is true. the best way to gain a testimony of it is to live
it and see how wonderful it makes your life.
elder mayberry

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