Sunday, August 30, 2009


hey pretty lady you worry to much. it just so happens that last week i didnt have time to email anyway so i wouldnt have read them if you did email me. ;-) but i do appreciate you writing me all the time i know your always busy but its always good to hear from my mommy. man i have been out here for a long time now. this world seems more at home to me than the one you guys are in and yes they are two different worlds. i had an amazing week last week i had a baptism a 12 year old boy named valoa tonga. he is a good kid from a little island he came down here to go to school and so he is living with a family here in our area. i totally didnt know that shanna was getting married but good for her. i found out that rhino hyatt has had a girl for a couple months now. i was really sorry to hear about your bad day mom. some of those days you just wish you had never woke up in the morning. luckily i have never had one of those though so i can only sympathise with you so much. ;-) life is just peachy here im loving it and everything is going great. there is a general authority here right now with his family visiting our mission and we are in charge of everything he and the president do we plan cars planes boats meals. we move missionaries to meeting s feed them and get them home. plus we go to all the meetings to listen to all the awesome talks. needles to say that we have been busy we have pulled a few 20 hour days this week. this is week five of the transfer and it looks like i will be staying another transfer with my same comp here in the office. sorry i accidently sent that one before i finished it so read teh other one first then this one. but today was our pday and we had a blast my comp and i rode our bikes for an hour out to the very end of the island through all my first areas all the way to the end. (by the way if your looking at a map of tonga i live in liahona right now) so my comp and i spent a few hours out there catching fish and eating them it was a really fun. then we get a phone call( we are required to have our phone on us at all times) telling us that although president and elder hamula are in vavau there families are here in tonga and getting kind of restless so they ask us to entertain them. we took them and all the couple missionaries (4couples) out to some cliffs and caves and (2 15yr old buys 1 17yr girl) we caugh tsome fish for them and showed them how to eat it raw the boys were all up for it but the girl was apparently not very hungry. then we caught some crabs and cooked them up for them. i even climbed a coconut tree for them to try that. then we took them whale watching. by then it was time for my comp an di to get back to work so we did some teachings tonight then i thought i would drop you guys a line saying hi and that i love you all. sorry my spelling is so bad im trying to write this in a hurry because i always forget the stuff im supposed to write you guys about. i think i have already forgotten all the cool stuff but its ok i still write in my journal most of the time so you can ask me about it later. (even all the spiritual stuff that i never seem to write you guys about gets in there so you can all be spiritually edified when you read my journal. or you could read a journal i read about it the other day its by this guy named nephi turns out he was a pretty cool guy he actually saw the savior and so did his little brother so i would recommend reading his first but if you have some spare time after that ill be happy to share my journal with you all im trying to keep it so that you all and even my grand kids can read it. but anyway i love you all elder mayberry

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