Sunday, October 4, 2009


things all calmed down over here > but it was a mess for a little while. we didnt get a whole > lot of > sleep. president moved one of the APs to niua to help the > people up > there and president went with him and the plane broke down so we > lost our > APs and president for the whole weekend so everything fell > to us... > plus we had all of our original stuff to do including two > firesides we > taught and a baptism. lets just say its kept me on my toes. > thats sad > thatt steven left its been a long time since i talked to > him. we > emailed a few times but it would have been nice to have > seen him > before he left. well pop love you but i got to > go to bed its 11:45 > here and im about tired... > Love Elder mayberry

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