Sunday, October 4, 2009

hey this is elder mayberry president suggested that we email our families to let you know we are all still ok there was no damage done to anywhere except niuatoputapu from the tsunami. we still are not exactly sure what happened up there the lines are all down they sent a plane but the dirt runway was washed away. im sure the sisters are fine but i am pretty sure there are 5 dead and 6 missing from niua toputapu. but im ok and ill let you know more when i find out.

well sounds like you all have been really busy lately. i was talking
to the temple president Pr. Shumway this morning and we were talking
about where in the scriptures it talks about those who obtain a
higher law of intelligence will have so much more advantage in the
world to come. we were talking about the difference between the
learning of secular things, first the prophets have commanded us to
search ye every good thing and read out of the best book. if there is
anything virtuous, lovely of good report or praiseworthy we seek after
these things. we are also commanded to teach each other more
diligently that we may be more perfectly instructed in theory
principle and doctrine. The Glory of god is intelligence, and this is
life eternal that they might know the only true god and his son Jesus
Christ whom he has sent. ought we not then to become more like God by
acquiring the intelligence that is his glory? when we look at
what is godly intelligence, is it raw facts that we spit out to make
ourselves look good? or is it things that we dont necessarily even
think about? things we know what Christ-like love is? what
about godly sorrow? do we have true charity to our fellow man?
knowledge is power but what good is a porsche if you never drive it?
when we learn things we need to apply them in a way that they become
part of us that we may progress in the way that we were sent to this
earth for. men are that they might have joy and this is Gods work and
his glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of men. so
that advantage that we will have in the life to come will not just be
how many decimals you can repeat pi. but how well did you learn to
love the lord your god with all your heart might mind and strength.
love you all
kaataki a moutoo oku ikai ke sia ia i he lea pehee ka nae kole mai a
eku fae ke u fai ha kii lea fakaelaumalie taumaia nae i ai ha talanoa
fuu malie keu vahe vahe mo moutoo ka ko eku ngaue he taimini ko e
ngaue fakanatula pe mo e lahi tokanga ki he tafaaki fakatuasino. oiaue
ofa lahi atu ka moutoo
love elder mayberry

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