Monday, October 5, 2009


Hey tell morgan i said happy birthday. its actually my comps birthday
today.its the 4 here. he is a palangi his name is elder hanberg i
swear i already told you guys his name i have been with him for about
three months now. but transfers are week after next and he is more
than likely moving. i have tons of new for you
guys. our mission president got stuck up in niua and that tsunami made
an awful mess of that little island it hit up there. they sent a few
missionaries up there to help rebuild the island and to teach the
people about getting baptized. ( kind of ironic i'm pretty sure
heavenly father just baptized an entire island -in one day i might add.
i have been here a year and only have four) oh yeah i baptized three
people yesterday. t was a really special ceremony. it was a mother and
her two children. all the lessons we have been teaching over the last
month or two have been really great and then they accepted getting
baptized. i was pretty excited. i tripled my total baptism number in
one day. president was talking to me today and he told a great story
about his mission and some of the hardships then he said remember the
men of zions camp. there is a story about a man who was commanded by
god to push a rock. he pushed all day every day with all his might for
three years. then he asked god/nuku why am i doing this i pushed for
three years and the rock never moved. nuku replied i never said to move
the rock i only said push. your arms and back are as hard as rocks
your hands tough as leather, your skin is bronzed by the sun. go now
and claim your reward for service. it goes on to say he got a beautiful
wife and was the best fighter in the island because he did what was
asked regardless of its apparent uselessness. we are called to push the
wagon for a time not a distance some of you just get a little muddier
track than others. ( I personally just took I-10) i wish i had a lot
of time to write but its late and i am going to bed but i love you all
and life is good here. im still as good looking and humble as
elder mayberry

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