Friday, August 20, 2010

Aug 19

hey mom i wear clean undies most of the time but im afraid i dont have any vitamins for the last year or so haha its ok though im healthy and happy. i started taking my morning program seriously and have been gtetting some really good workouts in turns out thirty minutes can get a pretty good burn going. i got so i can do 100 pushups in a row now. trying to get loking decent so more people will listen to me.. ;-) i have no idea what the rules are for importing pills and stuff im pretty sure as long as its in fairly small portions and you could justify its for noncommercial use i think your clear. ill ask tukuafu about getting released. the thing is noone seems to be able to tell me why i have to wait till i get home to be released.. the only thing i have heard is so i dont get in trouble but since im with you two the whole time i dont see things getting all that crazy.. Love Elder Mayberry --

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