Friday, August 20, 2010

Hurry up and email me

HAHAHA mom i love you. sorry we went ot liahona to buy somne stuff for
my comp. we just got back and i saw this email and starting laughing..
i was talking to one of the guys i came in with he hasnt emailed since
july of last year. talk about a while. they usually write letters but
i think that you can guess how realiable the mail is hear. the poor
mom gets 5 lettters at a time then wont hear from him for a few
life is going really good here my comp is a stud and we do a lot of
work. i have this constant desire to just relax and wait for transfers
but he keeps me going.
i kinda miss you guys and am excited for you to come see me.
but life here is good and i cant comlain. i went to a palangi ward on
sunday that we cover. IT WAS WAY WEIRD. but was really funny to listen
mom i want to be trunky so bad but my comp wants to work so bad its
really funny. we work really really hard all day everyday so i dont
start thinkin about home and so he doesnt gt homesick. we have this
horrible luckk of everyone we teach just up and decides not to take
the lessons any more but we find new people and teach them the first
threee lessons then they bail out on us. im kinda used to it but my
poor comp wants so bad to baptise these people.
i love you mom and ill talk to you later

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