Tuesday, June 30, 2009

looking for ideas

im still the DL i got a new comp and he is a handful. thats what i get for telling the president the work was slow here he gave me something else to take up my time. ;-) i bet you know how that goes. whats stevens email address ill email him? thats good to hear that kyle is still active and progressing. stevo administering anesthetics i could see that happening. oh and they changed the pday to thursday for some reason./ i ended up living with another white guy for a week while i waited for my comp to come up on the boat from tonga and it was pretty cool we got some really good work done and it was kinda fun to speak english for a while i actually lost my voice. i dont talk that much anymore but we talked alot for that week and my voice couldnt handle it. the only time i talk is in publlic i dont talk to my comps that much tongans version of conversation is not very entertaining most of the time and we have very little in common besides discussing scripture. but im doing great life is going by way fast and i can never seem to get a s much done as i want. any nifty ideas to find people besides knocking doors im open to suggestions we are running out of areas to tract. well dad love you lots elder mayberrry

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